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Moving is a challenge, but with on-demand moving services, you can afford yourself the opportunity to enjoy more of the exciting new adventure ahead and less of the struggle to move your furniture or clean out your old place. Below are five great on-demand moving services which can help you reduce stress levels during your next move:

ZippGo Moving BoxesZippGo reusable moving box

Rather than struggle with heavy cardboard boxes that are not only unwieldy, arrive flattened and in need of tape, and are prone to damage en route, you can turn to ZippGo to rent plastic moving boxes. Their green moving boxes are delivered assembled so you can begin packing boxes right away. When you have moved and finished unpacking, simply next the boxes in one another and ZippGo will pickup the boxes from your new place.

No longer will you have to deal with breaking fingernails trying to rip the tape from cardboard boxes before you collapse them and then watch an unsightly brown pile grow in the corner of your new living room. ZippGo boxes stack nicely on top of one another as you pack, reducing the risk of damage and saving you loads of space. They have attached interlocking lids which means you will never need tape and of course makes packing a breeze. In addition to moving boxes San Francisco residents can also order green moving supplies to be delivered with their order.


lugg screen
Lugg as their name suggests, will lug your furniture for you, helping to move small furniture in many situations.

With their service you need only set up your pickup location, add a photo of the item or items you need moved, and enjoy a cup of tea as two movers and a moving truck find their way to your address instantly. But they do more than just move your belongings from your home. If you purchase items from Costco, IKEA, or local furniture stores you can hire them to pick it up in 30 minutes or less and deliver it to your new home. If you sell your stuff on Craigslist, you can have your furniture moved across the busy San Francisco streets without having to step foot outside. Should you choose to donate your goods or dispose of them, you can let these professional lug it away to Goodwill or the nearest transfer station.

This company covers 100% of the value of your goods should any damage take place. All movers are vetted and trained too. You can book their services immediately, alleviating the need to ever book in advance.


Moving Permit Truck
This company will help you circumvent tickets for failing to acquire moving permits. You can instead have a space reserved for your moving vehicle on the big day, streamlining your move and reducing your stress levels.

You can request your permit in less than one minute with the MovingPermits simple website. Let their company stand in line and fill out your forms. Let them make arrangements for temporary “no parking” signs placed around your home during moving day. All you have to do is show up on moving day and park in front of your building!

This is particularly important for San Francisco residents, as the city’s SFMTA enforces a minimum lead time between 5 and 8 business days. Your requests have to be made 8 business days in advance in order to guarantee that it can happen. This lead time is impractical at times, especially for movers, but it is required by the city and the city does not count the start date for your move, the day your move is submitted, weekends, or holidays. That said, keeping track of these days and the correct filing time is made much easier when you have this service by your side. For the DIYselfers, you can go to the SFMTA and get your own San Francisco moving permit.


Before you move, you will have to clean out your old place of residence before you turn over the keys. And this is no ordinary clean, this is a move-out clean which means miniscule details and a white glove finished.

This insured company is a leading provider for San Francisco house cleaning services, offering maid quality service for San Francisco residents who are trying to move. Each of the employees have been background-checked and have professional experience under their belt, ensuring you will not be disappointed. These trusted professionals can be booked for next day availability if you are pressed for time. It takes as little as 60 seconds to ensure your reservation is confirmed. They arrive on time with all of the necessary equipment. The company has a money-back guarantee should things not turn out the way you want.

When you are moving, one way to help get some of your security deposit back, and to keep your old place move-out clean is to have professionals make repairs to the existing unit. As seen in Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek, is your one stop shop for household repairs. They can help fix leaky sinks, install carpet, paint over holes, and repair drywall in your old home before you leave using licensed professionals and a Home Project Manager tasked with overseeing your project.

But that is not all they do. If there are issues in your new unit, miniscule as they might be, you can have the same team of experts make the necessary repairs before you move in. Handyman on ladder

According to their site, you can access instant estimates for things such as a toilet repair within seconds. If you have flood damage from this winter, you can hire a pro to remove the flooring, install new flooring, and repaint the room. If your garage at the new location is not up to snuff, you can turn to these professionals to paint or epoxy coat the floor, to install the garage door opener, and to remove any junk that the previous owners might have left.

That honey-do list that has been sitting there for months? With moving time around the corner, there is no more procrastination. Thankfully the experts can install or replace your bathroom/exhaust fan, windows, and interior light fixtures before it is time to move into your new home or out of your old one.

If you want a new deck, you can hire a pro to build the deck or porch and the railing. All faucets, door handles, and locks can be repaired. Shades, shutters, drapes, garage door openers, microwave ovens, and more can all be installed on the same day. Pictures and art can be mounted, televisions can be wall mounted, and new flooring or carpet can replace unsightly stains.

With spring right around the corner, you can do a little something extra by hiring these services to plant a flower bed, seed your lawn, spread mulch, and more. Kitchen cabinets can be refreshed, cabinet hardware can be replaced, and a new garbage disposal will be ready for your next cooking adventure.