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How we started

The concept behind ZippGo was born intuitively while I was managing an award-winning and web-based organic grocery home delivery company I founded in 2001. My company used reusable green plastic boxes to deliver organic fruits and vegetables to homes and businesses around the San Francisco Bay Area. We reused these boxes over and over again nearly 500 times a piece.

During this time, I moved residences a couple of times and found that using the same green boxes was an excellent solution to pack my belongings in and use to transport to my new home. After I merged the company with another organic home delivery company in 2008, I was embarking on another move within San Francisco and because I no longer had access to the green boxes, I was forced to buy cardboard boxes. After the move was complete and the boxes empty, I had the daunting task of having to dispose of the boxes. I didn't feel right having to throw away new cardboard boxes after using them only once, and I was sure other people felt the same way.

Millions of people move every year and use cardboard to pack their belongings. What a waste of our Earth's natural resources! I knew there had to be a better way. This is when I had the moment we all have at different points in our life. The light bulb moment. The moment when everything stops, the clouds disappear, the sun is the brightest its ever been, and the theme for the movie 'Rocky' starts magically playing. Ok, maybe there wasn't any 'Rocky' music, but it sure felt like it.

The green plastic boxes I used in my past moves had worked out so well. I was sure other people would be happy to use green reusable boxes which were conveniently delivered to their door instead of wasting time, money, and our Earth's precious resources on cardboard. ZippGo was born from the idea that our reusable green boxes would offer people an economical, convenient, and eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes. Since launching, we've delivered more than half a million ZippGo Green Moving Boxes to customers in the San Francisco Bay Area and eliminated the need for just as many cardboard boxes! We're on a mission to change the way people pack and move and are grateful for your support!

ZippGo Team