green moving boxes

Moving is always stressful. Even if you are a seasoned veteran, there is a lot to keep track of and a lot that can go wrong during a move. Putting together, labeling and filling cardboard boxes while trying to keep everything organized is not an easy task. When you add having to buy, build, and tape cardboard boxes to the mix, things can take a turn for the worst. If your moving to San Francisco, Oakland, or San Jose ordering moving bins from a box rental company will make packing and moving such a breeze. Plastic moving bins are hands down so much better than packing in cardboard boxes. Plastic crates can be delivered to your home in a jiffy and you’re quickly on your way to becoming a packing super hero. But why are these moving bins so much better?


Until now, cardboard boxes have been the method of choice when a person is moving but box rental companies have flipped the industry upside down by offering a sustainable solution which is easier, greener, and cheaper.  Moving crates are far superior and environmentally friendly when compared to cardboard boxes which will lead to endless headaches while you are moving. After completing the painstaking task of taping boxes together, you always have to worry about how heavy each is packed and whether or not they will tear open leaving your belongings scattered all over the street.

By using plastic moving bins Oakland residents can ensure their belongings are protected during the move from their current home to their new home. More sturdy and reliable than cardboard, moving crates will provide you with peace of mind knowing your personal items will not end up anywhere but where you want them. In addition to not being able to carry heavy loads, using cardboard boxes also make stacking tedious. If a box of books is placed on top of another box containing fragile items, you may be disappointed when you get to your new home and find your precious items are broken. With moving crates sourced from ZippGo, you will no longer have to worry about that part of packing and can instead focus on simply getting the job done as quickly as possible.

Less Hassle for You

There are plenty of places you can find cardboard but it requires you to either purchase the boxes or more inconveniently, salvage them from around town. Depending on what you are moving, using recycled cardboard boxes might mean you are putting your clothing or bedding in a box that once carried produce or other food products. These used cardboard boxes can have dirt, mold, or even bedbugs in them. When you order from ZippGo, a supply of sparkling clean moving boxes will be delivered right to your door and picked up after your move is complete. All you have to do is pack, move and unpack. That’s it. You no longer have to find cardboard, deal with packing tape or dispose of cardboard.

The inconsistent size of cardboard boxes can create clutter before you even start to pack. When the boxes do not fit together nicely or stack when empty, they take up precious space in your home. Plastic moving boxes from ZippGo nest easily inside each other when they are empty and stack neatly when packed allowing you to remain organized throughout the entire process. As you start to load a truck, stacking cardboard boxes turns into a game of Tetris as you try and fit them together in the most stable and efficient way. When you rent moving boxes, you will only be dealing with a few sizes so you can easily pile the full boxes instead of having to carefully coordinate everything saving you time during your move.

Environmentally Friendly

What happens to all of those cardboard boxes after you are done moving? Most likely, they end up outside in the garbage can and make their way to a landfill. You may get a couple more uses out of them before they are tossed but ultimately, if they have been damaged by water or come in contact with food products, they are no longer recyclable and in some communities people will throw them in the trash because it may be too difficult to recycle.

Millions of Americans move every year. That is a lot of cardboard boxes and preventable waste being created annually. By choosing to rent plastic containers for your move in the San Francisco Bay Area, you will not only have a positive impact on the environment because they can be reused thousands of times, but you will also make the move easier on yourself.  Contact ZippGo today to order to rent moving boxes made from 100% recycled plastic for your upcoming move.