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Moving Boxes Redwood City

Stop the moving insanity! Everyone dreads buying cardboard moving boxes to pack up all their belongings because you have to build them, tape the boxes, and then worry about them falling apart in the middle of your move. ZippGo solves this problem by delivering plastic moving boxes Redwood City residents can count on to make packing easy and keep their belongings safe. ZippGo rents our green moving boxes with free next day delivery to your home or office. The boxes come assembled with attached lids, are neatly delivered in nested stacks, and take up very little space. There is no better solution for packing boxes and moving your Redwood City home. ZippGo simplifies your move by reducing your packing time, saving you up to 40% over the cost of buying cardboard, and eliminating the hassle and mess of moving with cardboard boxes and tape. We've received rave reviews on Yelp from our Redwood City customers for our pride in delivering the best service and experience. Check our reviews here: ZippGo Yelp Page

moving boxes Redwood City

Packing Boxes Is Faster Then Ever

If you've used cardboard moving boxes before, you know you'll spend roughly two frustrating hours on the floor building boxes with multiple rolls of messy tape. After you move into your new place, the frustration continues when you're surrounded by a messy mix of long pieces of ripped tape and dirt laden cardboard boxes. By ordering ZippGo's plastic moving boxes to pack your belongings, you'll get sparkling green plastic boxes delivered to your door and you're able to start packing the moment they arrive. Since our green boxes have attached interlocking lids, you'll never need to mess with tape again during a move. After your Redwood City moving boxes have been unpacked, the ony thing you need to do is pat yourself on the back for a job well done. ZippGo will pickup the boxes from your new place, sanitize them at our offices, and then send them out again for another smart Redwood City resident making a move.

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Green Moving Boxes And Green Moving Supplies

Packing with ZippGo's green moving box system isn't just about making moving easier and cheaper, but it's also about providing a sustainable zero waste moving solution. Since launching in 2009, we've delivered over half a million of our reusable moving boxes in the San Francisco Bay Area eliminating the waste from at least the same amount of cardboard boxes that would have otherwise been used. ZippGo Boxes are made from 100% recycled and recyclable HDPE plastic making them almost indestructible. Unlike cardboard moving boxes which can be reused a maximum of three times before they fall apart, our boxes can be reused more than 500 times each. We also carry a line of reusable and recyclable green moving supplies Redwood City residents love using including packing paper made from recycled paper, Greenwrap which is an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap, reusable wardrobe boxes, and reusable glass and dish dividers. You can see these items, descriptions, and pictures here: Moving Supplies

moving supplies Redwood City

Beats Cardboard Boxes

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What Our Clients Say

"I've moved 8 times in my life and this has been by far the easiest move! The ZippGo crates were amazing! The delivery guy was really cool and brought them to our upstairs unit and we got packing right away. It was kind of fun to be able to start putting our stuff in boxes right away and to start seeing progress. I hope to never have to use cardboard moving boxes again. I'm a ZippGo fan forever!"

Greg A., Redwood City, CA on May 2nd, 2017

"They were awesome! Delivered the boxes on time, were a little flexible with the pickup schedule, and the boxes themselves worked great. They stacked easily and held a ton."

Scott S., Redwood City, CA on July 1st, 2015

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