Okay, so let’s face facts…Times are tough. The economy still hasn’t recovered and many of us aren’t looking to spend a lot when it comes to moving.  You might be moving for one of many reasons, but whatever the reason, let me tell you…it’s often much more expensive than you think. There are some basic expenses that you’ve probably already thought of:

Man stuffed into car with cardboard boxes

Don't get moving boxes this way!

  • The moving truck or van
  • The deposit or money involved with getting into your new place
  • The huge trip to the grocery store to stock your new home or apartment with food
  • The utility hook-up fees

What About Boxes for Moving?

If you are trying to save money, you may be considering going the “old fashioned” route and collecting cardboard boxes for moving from your local grocery store. It’s got to be the cheapest way to pack your belongings, right? Well, you may think so, but in reality…no. Let’s break down what’s actually involved in collecting your own boxes.

  • Numerous trips to the local grocery store, Sams Club, WalMart or wherever you choose to try to locate these boxes. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and be able to score 20 boxes from the same place, but guess what? You don’t have your moving truck yet because you’re in the packing stage of the game, so you can only fit 8 boxes in your vehicle….fail.
  • Sometimes you’ll be able to get boxes that are already broken down. This sounds like a good plan, since you’ll be able to fit all 20 of them in your vehicle at once. Cheap and convenient, right? …Wrong. Now you’ll have the added expense of purchasing packing tape to put the boxes together. Think you’ll only need one or two rolls, so it will only cost a few dollars? Wrong again. The average price of a roll of packing tape with a dispenser is between $4 and $6, depending on where you go. You’ll be able to put together approximately 10 boxes with one roll of tape. Since an average move uses at least 50 boxes, you’ve just cost yourself at least $30 in packing tape.
  • Gas used collecting boxes. Unless you happen to work at a place that will supply you with boxes, you’re going to have to use gas and time for “box hunting.” A normal trip around your city to locate boxes could end up costing you at least a few gallons of gas. There’s an extra $10.

Are you tired yet? I thought so. I realize that the above analysis was pretty nit picky, but all things considered, it just makes good sense to move green. Each ZippGo moving box is clean, safe, made out of 100% recycled plastic, and is 27 inches long x 17 inches wide and 12 inches high. They have an attached lid that seals and locks with the Zipp ties we provide. No packing tape is needed and you won’t have to run around town looking for boxes.  We also include box labels made from post-consumer recycled paper and a custom moving dolly.  We’ll bring your green moving boxes right to your door and pick em’ up when you’re done!